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Any info on this gallery anyone ?
14 March 2013

Mr. T.
C'mon Alex, don't be a douche....I posted my private videos from MyFreeCams for everyone. Unless of course it's a vid of you f*cking Aleena, which I could understand you wanting to stay private.

No, screw that it anyways.
16 February 2013

Webmaster comments   You could find other Aleena's fotos using logo in the corner of the picture. For example like this one:

What about private pics, I don't have permission to post them. Sorry.

Aww don't tell us you have something if you can't share. That's just mean
12 February 2013

Alex | |
I have somethings new, but unfortunately I cant post it coz its private ...
9 February 2013

Haha, great photo.. at least we know she is alive.. :p
Any news/hints of any new content anywhere? (free or payable? )
9 February 2013

Alex | |
funny picture (2012 yaer)

8 February 2013

Yes! I knew she wasn't 18. Long live pedophilia!
16 September 2012

19 my ass lol. That means in 2003 she was 10! No younger than 14 imo, she's probably 23 now
I still have doubts that martina from 4evermodels is the same girl]
Too bad we can't get the lost videos
15 September 2012

Webmaster comments   Aleena is 25 now. Check this:

Alex, never heard anything. Still available to you when ready and I'll put up server, just post a note here. I stop in every week or so. Hope all is well.
21 August 2012

Webmaster comments   check your email.

what a great ass fell in love with in 2003 great job alex
16 August 2012 - usa

Alex, Did Nor actually have anything new to offer? What's the news?
9 July 2012

Martina Ricci the new Name on You Tube?
4 July 2012

Alex. Same place as before. Not sure if you have all. Numbered better than before.
28 June 2012

Webmaster comments   Thank you very much! I will check it soon.

Alex | |
I think, we have to wait for some new sets or full videos. I hope so.
26 June 2012

Okay, I may have to eat my words. There are at least three new pics of Martina at that I have never seen before including two topless ones. (Check the rotating header photos.) Maybe Nor wasn't BS'ing us after all. Maybe this isn't a defunct site, but a new one that's not up and running yet, but it seems to link back to which has nothing new. So I don't know. Here's hoping!!! Anybody know anything about these pics?
26 June 2012

New Stuff?
There's a topless pic of Martina on this page that I don't remember seeing before. The site seems defunct so no way to access the set. Is this a new one or did I just overlook it here before?
26 June 2012

Go to the YouTube links, click on the uploader's name and you'll see there are about ten vids posted. I think they're all available here too. The uploader claims to be Martina herself. But these were posted in March about the same time that someone claiming to be Martina was uploading her fake Facebook page. I think it's really the webmaster at just trying to create a buzz and drum up new business for a model that left his site years ago.
26 June 2012

Yeah! And this one too ...
26 June 2012 - US

from an earlier time:
24 June 2012

is she dead?
24 June 2012

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