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13 June 2012

I don't read Ukraine, what does it say?
12 June 2012 - Sweden

Alex | |
Look what I found:
6 June 2012

video 2010 year
Martina as Imanuel from

advertising page:

3 vifeo from private cam:
pass: martine

5 June 2012

Alex | |
Martina funny party video. )))
1 June 2012

Vote her
15 May 2012

Alex | |
Little design update ;)
13 May 2012

I think we're being trolled here. I checked her so-called FB page: only one pic of her, she hasn't posted anything in over two months, and her English sounds WAY too good for someone of Eastern European origins. Back in January she claimed she had "big news" that she couldn't wait to share. That was five months ago. Nothing. I think her FB page is a fake. Then Nor proclaims "something special" coming in a week or so. That was nearly a month ago. Nothing.

Maybe she has a new site and it's been delayed, delayed, delayed, but I doubt it. Funny that she couldn't wait to tell us and then she vanishes. Same with Nor. I'm begining to smell a hoax here. I think we're being played. too bad.
6 May 2012

meh, almost 3 weeks & no update. We got all excited for nothing me thinks.
3 May 2012

Now it's been almost two weeks.... can't stand the anticipation..
27 April 2012

me too
27 April 2012

I am too eagerly waiting for your update... Hoping for something extra nice!
25 April 2012

Anxiously awaiting update, TIA
25 April 2012

3 days and counting....!

Just want Nor to know that Alex isn't the only person eagerly awaiting the news!
19 April 2012

acc4spam |
Looking forward to read your news!
15 April 2012 - US

Something special coming soon! (approx 1 week)
Alex, I'll send link when I have.
14 April 2012

Webmaster comments   Nice to hear it, Nor! I'll be waiting.

She┬┤s on Facebook
29 March 2012

awesome update.. what's the news with this? are she back on the site, or what's going on with her? i miss her! :D
13 March 2012

acc4spam |
Thanks a lot ALEX. This was a great update!
25 February 2012 - US

Alex | |
Please welcome!
Check new updates on videos, martinadreams, 4evermodels and martinastar sections. There are some missed galleries and new videos.
24 February 2012

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