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Thanks for preserving this because it doesn't seem to be anywhere else, well free anyway. It's nice to have what's there but the lack of videos makes her a shell of what she could have been. Arguably the white dress videos mirror her best set but especially the 4evermodels era could have used videos too. And you can't go back in time to fix it...
24 September 2011

4 August 2011 - USA

Javier: you can see her at She had updates until the beginnig of last year. I don't know where she is this year ...
31 July 2011

Javier |
anyone what she is doing??
29 June 2011 - Peru

Hello to all,
I have been attacted from this girl from the beginning, 4evermodels, 2003 I think.
Her nose, her lips, her eyes, her hair,
not important if she didn't model nude,
it's isn't nudity that makes my blood boil.
She is not Russian, she is not Romanian, she
is pure semitic, not jewish, pure caucasian, with
a bit of arabian genes in her lips.
Thank you for this great collection,
she will stay as she was in these years forever.
25 June 2011

Webmaster comments   She's Ukrainian.

acc4spam |
NOR do you have info about Sets # 106 and 107?. It seems they were the last (issued in April 2010). As can be read on home page . Anyways, great job Alex
8 June 2011 - US

MartinaFan |
Thank you for the last update. These last pics are great (from
6 June 2011 - US

david d
i loved her since i first ran across on the net 2003 she so fine allways be my fav thanks alex good job
1 June 2011 - usa

Possible to download all pictures by torrent for example?
30 April 2011

Webmaster comments   Only if someone will make the archive and add it to torrent.

Alex | |
Little update in "OTHER STUFF" section!
7 April 2011

awesome job!
Thanks alot!
27 March 2011

damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i want thatttttttttttttt
24 March 2011 - usa

cool thanks
14 March 2011

AWESOME!!! Thank you Alex and Nor for all the new sets! They're fantastic! Nice to know my collection is now complete!
14 March 2011

Alex | |
Check new martina's pictures in martinadreams section!!!
14 March 2011

Get busy there man! Eager fans await! Can't wait to see your new contributions!
12 March 2011

Alex, srry for the delay, I'm upping to my server now and will send you an email
8 March 2011 - Canada

dave |
alex when u going to post
26 February 2011 - usa

she is so HOT been tracker her since 2003,, great job alex,, keep it up
10 February 2011

Alina Pics
25 January 2011

Webmaster comments   Thank you!
This photo was really missed.

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