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2 January 2011

@Hector C

Sure ... want her phone number?
30 December 2010

Webmaster comments   Dennis, do you have it?

Hector C. |
Hey Alex! Thank oyu very much for thid site. Excellent links and pictures. Noe I know when is her birthday, tnx again. The only question is: Can I contact her? I woukd really like to meet her, is an incredible beauty woman.
Go ahead Alex!!
25 December 2010 - Mx

Alex | |

Сегодня день рождения у замечательной девушки, бесподобной красавицы и просто человека, которому посвящен этот сайт...

Алина, от всей души поздравляем тебя!

И пусть какие бы цели ты перед собой ни ставила, ты всегда их достигала!

18 December 2010

alex is this Martina???
14 December 2010 - usa

Webmaster comments   Of course, This isn't.

I Dont care what u say she is still fine i beat my cock 2 times a day thinking of her wet pussy and tight tits
9 December 2010 - usa

Alex | |
2 D E
Thank you for your report. I checked it now. Picture PICT2018.JPG was missed originally on source site.
27 November 2010 - russia

****SMALL PROBLEM WITH ONE GALLERY**** (Sorry to yell!) Picture PICT2018.jpg from SET 14 does not work.

Now that that's out of the way, THANK YOU! OMG THANK YOU! I never thought I would see some of these sets ever again. And the videos are just icing on this very sweet cake!
27 November 2010 - U.S. of A.

epic post Steve!

Only the fact is i don't agree, finally seeing (in your words) her hairy ******* was brilliant imo. It's provided us Martina fans with enough w****** material to last lifetime
13 November 2010

After I saw her jerk her cooze and spread her hairy a-hole, I lost interest. I want to be f*cking teased forever.
13 November 2010 - USA


Thanks for this website, it's great !!

Can you link to her webcam website please ? I can't wait for a pvt session with her...
15 October 2010

Alex,this is end ??????????????
2 October 2010 - CZECH REPUBLIC

Hi what this?
24 September 2010

Webmaster comments   It's alias (synonym) to another old site about martine: . As I can see, it do not work anymore.

What has happend to Imanuel on MFC?
Some ugly chick is using her screen name. :(

Has she set up residence at some other site permanently, in that case, where?
10 September 2010

James Key |
I love your site (and Martine)
10 September 2010 - USA

Anyone got more of her Imanuel video's?
10 September 2010

well guys i believe martina's career as a cam girl is finished. imanuel is online on mfc right now but it's not martina, they've replaced her with another model. so i now doubt she'll be coming back.

oh well it was fun whilst it lasted
10 September 2010

pls update the board!
10 September 2010 - Madagascar

Please, update ... Excelent web pages, gorgeous woman. Thank you Alex.
10 August 2010 - CZECH REPUBLIC

Alex | |
Mr V., use download manager . There will be no problem!
6 August 2010

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