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yes, last online: 2010-07-29 15:00:52 CET/CEST
30 July 2010

Nate, Sure? It says "Last Login: Thu May, 27th 4:10 PM"
30 July 2010

Nate |
Imanuel was online yesterday at mycams
30 July 2010

Links works fine here too.

Any news on Martine btw? She hasn't been on for weeks.
29 July 2010

Mr V. |
Dear Alex, these video links don't work anymore. Any chance you can fix it?
29 July 2010 - Belgium

Webmaster comments   It's not true. As I see now, every links works fine. What error message you see?

Знаю её лично, мужика ей нужно нормального чтоб не занималась тут фигней ;)
А то детство в ..опе играет !!!
20 July 2010

Webmaster comments   Мне кажется, Алина уже совсем не маленькая девочка и вполне отдаёт отчет своим поступкам!

Yeah ... she just asked for you
20 July 2010

А че ничего нового не стало появляться? Она прекратила свою деятельность?
2 July 2010 - Russia

1 July 2010

Webmaster comments   Нет. Украинка! )))

What happened to her webcam, she had not seen for weeks online. Has she stopped work as a webcam girl?
5 June 2010 - Germany

4 June 2010 - USA

what time is she usually online? I really appreciate the videos posted but doesn't she do harder stuff? most of these vids seem the same.
26 May 2010

@ Mr.T.: Thanks for the great video, the best one of all. You have an expensive hobby. I hope you earn enough money to make us more often so happy?
13 May 2010 - Germany

thanks Mr T. for your awesome video... Please anybody more Martina!!
13 May 2010

Mr. T.
@ Lou

The link works fine, dude....check your copy/paste method and make sure you didn't leave a space on the end.
12 May 2010

Links not working mr T can you re-up it. Yhanks in advance
12 May 2010

That vid was so hot Mr.T. I came.
9 May 2010

OMFG! I can die in peace now! wow! thanks!

I'm guessing by her reaction that you popped right about 14:05, LOL!

seriously, though, thank you very much for sharing!
9 May 2010

Mr. T.
Here it is.... a great 15 minute video. Enjoy!
8 May 2010

Mr. T.
Just finished a 900 token cam-to-cam private session with her....and she watched me cum for her. I'll upload it later (and don't only see her ).
8 May 2010

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