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Alex |
Funny blog about Martine:
29 July 2009

Amazing site! Thanks for the effort.
27 July 2009

can't wait no longer :)

thanks in advance, you rock!
22 July 2009

Great news! Thanks!!!!
19 July 2009

sounds good :)

just to get u right, you are going to upload her new sets?? :)
18 July 2009

Alex |
2 Adreamy
All of her photos will be available in high resolution very soon with new site design. Work in progress.
18 July 2009

Adreamy |
Alex, thanks again and again for your work!
Also thanks to other people that are trying to find new material!
Well... is there any chance in finding high resolution photos of these sets?
I appreciatte your help!!
18 July 2009

Alex |
2 R
Plz post here that broken direct link. I will check it.
And If you want to contact webmaster/site owner, you can try to use
14 July 2009

July 18th this set is out :- I waaaant it..

Anyone e-mailed the webmaster yet for any information about the problems with signing up\paying?
13 July 2009

its like no one is interested in her little comeback. i cant even find any previews or whateva.
8 July 2009

i would join if i could :)
but i cant fill out that damned billing form, it always tells me invalid bank routing number.
17 June 2009

Alex |
If you find somethings new, I hope, you guys will let me know!
16 June 2009

Yeah.. On her site it keeps showing a preview image every month showing the updates, but there are no sets around.
14 June 2009

it seems like nobody cares about her little comeback, every thread on any board is dead :(
14 June 2009

you mean that u will keep this homepage, but wont update any sets?
19 May 2009

Alex |
2 pops
I will and I do it. But there is no hope with new stuff. Unfortunatly.
17 May 2009

if i could join i would upload e few pics, but i can't join. i tried to get help from the payment agency, but all they have is a chat bot. :(
alex, will you continue your work?? :)
16 May 2009

She did give me a BJ ones, but that's it. Why?

someone, come up with some new sets!
15 May 2009

It looks like new material, and not just older unreleased stuff. For ones I'm actually concidering paying for it...
1 March 2009

Alex |
2 Kame
Work in progress...
24 February 2009

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