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i would join if i could :)
but i cant fill out that damned billing form, it always tells me invalid bank routing number.
17 June 2009

Alex |
If you find somethings new, I hope, you guys will let me know!
16 June 2009

Yeah.. On her site it keeps showing a preview image every month showing the updates, but there are no sets around.
14 June 2009

it seems like nobody cares about her little comeback, every thread on any board is dead :(
14 June 2009

you mean that u will keep this homepage, but wont update any sets?
19 May 2009

Alex |
2 pops
I will and I do it. But there is no hope with new stuff. Unfortunatly.
17 May 2009

if i could join i would upload e few pics, but i can't join. i tried to get help from the payment agency, but all they have is a chat bot. :(
alex, will you continue your work?? :)
16 May 2009

She did give me a BJ ones, but that's it. Why?

someone, come up with some new sets!
15 May 2009

It looks like new material, and not just older unreleased stuff. For ones I'm actually concidering paying for it...
1 March 2009

Alex |
2 Kame
Work in progress...
24 February 2009

When are coming the new updates???
Thank you Alex!!!!
23 February 2009

Hi. I,ve been a fan of Martine for quite some time. Thanks ofcourse in part to this wonderful board. It's a little disheartening to follow these recent links. Is there anywhere on this site or else where, where I can find her real bio
11 February 2009

Alex |
Even more updates coming very soon!!!
9 February 2009

KameSennin |
Thank You for all your work Alex!! Martina is the sexiest girl in the world!!
I wish see more of her.
A fan from Spain.
8 February 2009 - Spain

Carl |
She's not the best looking girl, with her moles and colorless breasts. But there is something about her that just draws me to her. On one hand she looks like an adult and the next like a preteen. She knows how to work the camera, with her little "Oh you caught me off guard" look. All together it makes her one of the hottest girls on the net. I just wish I could get even a Thank You from her (maybe an autographed picture?). She's the best.
8 February 2009 - USA

Alex | |
check this out!

Отдельное спасибо выражаю Босенко Алине!
25 January 2009

Alex |
check new updates on !!!
21 January 2009

Alex, that would be great. She is one awesome girl and you are one awesome poster for doing this for us. Thank You...
20 January 2009

Maybe i will post Martina's 4evermodels pics in next few weeks.
17 January 2009 -

Hey Alex, great site. Back in April of 08 you said you had all of her 4ever model sets. Any chance of you posting them? I do not want to seem ingrateful, but those are her best sets. Also anything on Mikela from 4ever?
15 January 2009

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