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R |
added my correct e-mail, in case anyone want to message me. Would really appreciate it.
21 September 2019 - dutch

R |
the banana videos are lost to me, anyone able to give some fresh links?
20 September 2019 - o

Ppneto |
thank you for Martina sets.She is one of my favorites ever
20 January 2019 - Brazil

Thats actually Masha Star. Another hottie that was modeling around the same time as martina. She is retired now as far as i can tell.
30 January 2018

found this on the internet,but under a other name is this the same girl?
8 November 2017 - Netherlands

Webmaster comments   I don't think, this is the same girl. Martina's real name is Alina. She don't use other names.

The only stuff that was any use is the 4evermodels videos, and some of those are permanently lost because the site was broken
Maybe the martinastar videos, I'll take another look tomorrow probably
She's what, 30 now lol. Time to move on. New girls with skinny thighs are still being bred, you only have to use something like War Room to get it
16 February 2017

banna video here
15 January 2017 - italia

Tom H |
You are so awesome. I wonder what you look like now? Such a beautiful body? You are very blessed. Good fortune to you.
3 October 2016 - US

Looks like the webcams she did will be the last we will see of her. A shame to let those videos die. :\

If we could get those links up and working again and spread them out to keep them alive, that would be great!
9 July 2016

Where can I find banana video? Links given in this forum are all dead... :(
24 May 2016

Is there anywhere online to follow her now? She's got a great look. Is she still doing modeling work?
16 December 2015

28 July 2015

Anthony Russell | |
Where can I see the banana video....can't find it anywhere? please help me
3 June 2015 - Australia

BlueSky |
Many, many thanks Webmaster
26 May 2015 - Spain

BlueSky |
@ HI
The page * / galleries / Martina / * does not exist.
16 May 2015 - Spain

Webmaster comments   Try this:

6 May 2015

Hi, I just discovered her videos but the older martinadreams videos dont seem to have audio. Is it normal? Did anyone managed to play these with sound and if so which player should I use?

8 February 2015 - Hungary

PR |
Hi, thanks for this amazing site. I remembered her name from years ago and just decided to search for her again and I found this! Does anyone know how old she is now?
5 January 2015 - UK

Webmaster comments   Aleena is 28 y.o. now. (born dec 18th)

Anthony Russell | |
Just wanted to say thankyou for this site Alex, Martine is the hottest girl on the planet
11 December 2014 - Australia

david you mind if i email you for that banana vid. Ive been looking for it for quite a while. How do i get ahold of you
12 September 2014

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