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I Have found some pics of her here.
18 May 2014

Webmaster comments   Great find, daniimel! Thank you very much!

david d
17 March 2014 - USA

anyone know where to find the MartinaDreams.BananaShow.rar - 87.4 Mb

searched everywhere for it
9 March 2014

david d
i jackoff 3 times to the new pics
17 January 2014 - usa

16 January 2014

Webmaster comments   I've already posted this link 1 year ago. ))))

Madam P. |
I wish all friends and fans of Alina, a happy new year
29 December 2013 - South France

mr T you have a good taste in girls. Any chance you could upload Dana's video?
28 September 2013

yes,pls more vids
21 September 2013

Can someone post the MartinaDreams.BananaShow.rar - 87.4 Mb vid and her other nude vids
19 September 2013

Webmaster comments   Polky, please post your email. I will send you link.

MrT: Cute, but I'm afraid hotness can't make up for all. Many nice looking girls out there, but you need to build suspense and history to enhance the effect they have. :D

I have a few new ones on mfc as well, fun site. ;)
12 August 2013

Mr. T.
To R, and others who like MyFreeCams, I thought I'd pass along info on a new 18 y.o. Russian model, whom I recently "met", and have done a few privates with. Her MFC name is DanaElmer ( ) , and she is extremely sweet, innocent, and very nice to cam with. If some of you are interested, I may even upload my private cam2cam with her from tonight. She was very shy the first few nights after she joined....just danced sexy and stripped to her panties. But 3 privates and about $250 worth of tokens later, I finished tonight's private with her on her knees, mouth open as I dropped my load....much like my last private with Alina/Martine.

Alex, sorry for hijacking your guestbook.
7 August 2013

I also spoke with her often on MFC. I wasn't paying for privates at that time.. Something I regret now. :(

I guess that era has passed.
1 August 2013

Mr T Thanks would love to talk to her,, you did it,, YOU THE MAN!!!!!
1 July 2013 - USA

Mr. T.
@ pops...

Because it is now a scam site...don't give them your CC info. There's a TON of "retired" models whose site domains and webpages have been purchased, for the sole purpose of scamming people. Martine's one of those girls: retired from paysite modeling, but still has a cult following. Alex's site here is by far the best resource you'll find, if you've not seen everything she's ever done...but forget about finding anything new, aside from a random party photo or advertising/modeling gig...which Alex usually digs up as well.

I just wish I'd never lost contact with Alina (her real name). After I chatted with her many times on MyFreeCams, and spent a ton on those private nude shows, she opened up alot to me, and even gave me her e-mail. But a few months later, after e-mailing back and forth a few times, she suddenly stopped responding, and then the last e-mails I sent came back "undeliverable". She always seemed very shy, and sometimes uncomfortable talking about her personal life. I often wondered if she was having a hard time...maybe even taken advantage by an agent or photographer or something like that. Either way, she pretty much dropped off the grid... internet modeling, cam-sites, e-mails... she disappeared. It's been about 3 years now since I recorded those cam shows...which was just a few months before I last saw/heard from her ANYWHERE.
24 June 2013

Webmaster comments   Don't worry, guys. Aleena is OK. It is possible to find her now in various russian social networks. As I see, her last visit was yesterday ;)

how come that on her homepage the "new" video isnt downloadable? i mean the latest one, which is already old :D
19 June 2013

Webmaster comments   I've just checked it. Everything works fine. Video is downloadable. What error U see?

No more updates?? It will be so nice!!
11 June 2013

Alex | |
one more nice Aleena's picture:
(fotosession for infoline company)

10 May 2013

thanks for the share plaski
8 May 2013

the links are dead
1 May 2013 - usa

Phinnix, why bother to upload to Rapidshare? Almost useless effort...
27 April 2013

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